The Empowered Team of Camellia Periodontics

Dental Implant Microsurgery
Yun Sun Vestman, Registered Dental Assistant, Treatment Coordinator

“Your experience at Camellia Periodontics is what matters most to me. From the first time I speak with you, I take pride in helping you feel comfortable and safe. For ten years, I have worked side-by-side with Dr. Korn to help thousands of patients turn their vision for their health into reality. My administrative team and I facilitate this process by getting the smallest details right, and by coordinating your care between the offices of your dental team. I work tirelessly to understand your unique needs so that I may do my very best to serve you.”

Cost of dental implants
Dianne Dahlberg, Financial Coordinator

“The financial investment is the number one obstacle faced by our patients in their journey to periodontal health. Once Dr. Korn has performed a thorough examination and consultation, and your treatment is clear to you, it will be my pleasure to assist you with fitting your preferred treatment into the unique circumstances of your life.”

Gum graft specialist
McKenzie Lucas, Registered Dental Assistant

“I will be with you every step of the way from your first appointment until you return to your dentist’s office healthy. I am here to make sure you have the very best experience possible. I am proactive and attentive so that you and Dr. Korn will have everything you need to create an optimal outcome at every appointment.”

Scaling and Root Planing
Inderpal (Indy) Sappal, Pre-Dental Intern

“As a pre-dental student, I have a unique role at Camellia Periodontics. My primary role is to backup McKenzie as she serves our valued patients. I have an extensive technological background that allows me to develop systems that assist the entire team in performing at a very high level. Dr. Korn has a long history of nurturing pre-dental students, and I feel extremely blessed to have him as a mentor. He often says that part of my job is to bring my youthful energy to the office (I think it helps him feel younger). I hope to attend Harvard Dental School in the Fall of 2015.”

Dental Implant Microsurgery
Youa Chang, Administrative Assistant

“As the newest member of the administrative team, my goal is to assist you and my fellow team members any way I can. I am brand new to dentistry, and I am very grateful to have the opportunity to learn and grow with these amazing people and wonderful patients.”