Our Facility

Our State-of-the-Art Facility

A core principle of Camellia Periodontics is the belief that the highest quality of outcomes requires a state-of-the-art facility. No detail has been overlooked when it comes to the unique design and layout of the practice. Systems for patient comfort, hospitality, diagnosis, treatment, and periodontal maintenance care have been mindfully developed and are constantly being upgraded to create an environment that is optimal for the delivery of periodontal care.

Our practice features a state-of-the-art iCAT imaging system. This 3D imaging system allows us to “scan” a patient in-house, then immediately perform a virtual treatment planning experience. An amazing inner view of your dental health can be evaluated, including TMJ structures, airway and breathing, sinus problems, and, of course, the jaws themselves. Virtual treatment planning allows dental implants with crowns and bridges to be added into the 3D views so that you can see what is possible and can offer your own guiding input. This information is available to your restorative dentist and other specialists to optimize planning and to ensure the best possible outcome. At Camellia Periodontics, we utilize modern virtual meeting software (Go To Meeting™) to consult with your entire dental team and to make coordinating complex cases simple and effective. Dr. Korn firmly believes, and consistently sees, that successful outcomes are achieved when 80% of the doctor’s time is invested in planning.

Microsurgery is a modern, minimally-invasive treatment that requires a sophisticated, surgical microscope to perform. All treatment, from simple to complex, is performed by Dr. Korn under a high level of magnification, ensuring precise results and fast, comfortable healing.