Our Philosophy

Our Mission:

  • Camellia Periodontics is a specialty dental practice that helps patients become aware of their condition, discover possibilities for treatment, and develop and pursue their preferred plan for a lifetime of wellness and health.

Our Primary Purpose:

  • We believe that every patient we meet can return to their dentist’s office healthy and thankful for being referred to Camellia Periodontics.

Our Values:

  • Trust - We earn our patients’ confidence through understanding their perception of their condition and through our commitment to help them reach a healthy state.
  • Communication - We listen powerfully to understand our patients, referring teams, and each other. We use all available and appropriate resources to deliver clear messages to everyone with whom we interact.
  • Commitment and Dedication - We are steadfast in our mission and are dedicated to the health and satisfaction of all our clients.
  • Love - We have a tender regard and concern for all people.
  • Accountability - We will speak up for what we believe and be clear in our desire for excellence, while honoring our commitments to each other, our patients, and our referring teams.
  • Empathy - The ability to sense the feelings of others by imagining yourself in their lives or situations.
  • Health - A self-correcting continuum of wellness and soundness of mind and body; freedom from disease or ailment.