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You’re Here for a Good Reason

The gum and bone that supports your teeth is called the periodontium. Several dental problems can attack the periodontium. Most periodontal problems are painless, like high blood pressure or diabetes. If left untreated, what seems like a small problem can become a significant, costly disability. Your dentist or hygienist may have told you about “pockets” – this means your gum infection has become a bone infection. Gum recession is evidence that the bone underneath your gums has already disappeared. The good news is that this progressive disease can be stopped. If you want to be healthy and stay healthy for a lifetime, it is important to diagnose and treat foundational problems as early as possible. If you are considering making a significant investment in your teeth, then it makes sense to get the foundation in shape first.

If you are missing teeth, dental implant therapy can completely restore your natural comfort, function, and appearance.